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Lesson rates are $46.75 per 1/2 Hr. Lesson.

Our Lesson Policy has changed!

We are and will be

bringing new and powerful enrichment with it:

2021 - Music Focus™ Academy Membership Policy Agreement

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$93.50 for a full-hour's lesson

1 month of 1/2 hr. lessons (4) = $187

4 - Full-hour lessons = $374 (2 mo $748) (We also have special "45min" lesson rates - $280.50 - $70.15 per...)

Larger lesson "Block rates" (hour sessions) - 16=$1,360, 24=$2,030

"Home lesson" (HL) rates differ slightly please ask!

you may now check Band Rehearsal times online - REHEARSAL

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Holiday Schedule

Letter to Parents & Students - FAQ's
Lesson Schedule
If you are a prospective student
please "click" for availability on the
Student Schedule "day" listings.

If you need my email: please text - 310-999-9275

I do ALL booking on the computer, so it makes sense to use e-mail!

If you need my email: please text - 310-999-9275

Phone/Msg/Text 310.9999.275 (310.ZZZZ.ASK)

(310) 999-9275

If you need my email: please text - 310-999-9275

Scheduling -Basics- will tell you how to read the pages.

You WILL need to read and agree to the full: 2020 - Music Focus™ Academy Membership Policy Agreement.

Click on the days that might be possible for you to attend.
Lessons are 1/2 hour, or 1 full hr. in length and occur every week.

We schedule lessons BY THE month.

You cannot 'skip' or cancel lessons. Cancelling an appointment is allowed, you have 3 months to get your lessons in before they expire.

Lessons are $44.50 per half-hour. ($88.50/Hr.)
Lessons are to be paid - "one month in advance"
normal half hr. lesson pay schedule - $178 per month.

normal full hr. lesson pay schedule - $354 per month.

PLEASE, stay 'ahead' with your lessons, avoid getting behind, THANK YOU

If you find a time that might work for you or if you have a question about the
schedule or your lesson plan - Please call or e-mail.


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New!! - - FAQ's

Click on "your" day or any other day to
check availability. Or, you can just
scroll down. It's all "one big page..."

Saturday's are now open!!!!

Also - please check below for our lesson rates...

Please call for lesson availability!

Phone/Msg/Text 310.9999.275 (310.ZZZZ.ASK)

(310) 999-9275

If you need my email: please text - 310-999-9275

Lesson rates are $44.50 per 1/2 hr lesson

1 month of lessons = $178.

Thank you!!!


Concepts of the Day

Bookmark this page for future reference
It will read...

"Music Focus™ Student Schedule"

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Phone/Msg/Text 310.9999.275 (310.ZZZZ.ASK)

(310) 999-9275

If you need my email: please text - 310-999-9275

Phone/Msg/Text 310.9999.275 (310.ZZZZ.ASK)

(310) 999-9275


THIS schedule is for regular lessons.
Special "future" lessons can be arranged via e-mail.






Scroll down . . . .


• BE ON TIME for your appontment.
• Please DON'T assume I'm running late.
• Please be a 'little bit' flexible...
That means, sometimes, you might LEAVE a few minutes later than
your actual scheduled end time...
I always try to give you your full lesson time. In many cases I can give you a little extra time!
• If YOU need to leave early, or "exactly", please tell me at the start of the lesson so
we can finish up our session logically!
Please don't come at, say, 4:57pm (for a 5pm lesson), knock on the door, and leave, give me
a minute to show up, I won't forget about you!!!
• I cannot promise you your full session time if you are late.
Sometimes, I CAN offer you a few more minutes than scheduled, please, if possible,
don't make plans too close to your lesson's "end time"... We will always ask if it's "ok" to go a few minutes more...
(see Music Focus™ Academy Membership Policy Agreement)
• If you "no show" (without 24 hours notice) for any reason, we will "sign off" on your
"sig" card with the letter 'M' as in 'missed it', 'missed my lesson'.

• Stay ahead of your lesson curve! (see Music Focus™ Academy Membership Policy Agreement)
Watch the lesson DATES very carefully. Bookmark this page and check it often.
Please check Holidays link. We will make the lessons up or possibly use one of YOUR "presage" lessons (see MFAMPA)
BLANK slots - ____________ - are AVAILABLE for regular lessons.

If for ANY reason you would like to use an "alias"
instead of your real name, PLEASE let me know...:
example: "Mark Par" instead of "Tiger Woods"
310.9999.275 (310.9999.ASK) or e-mail -

If you need my email: please text - 310-999-9275


example 1:

Fri 3.00pm - z-Jimmy Stewart (av.8/21/20) (available Aug. 21st, 2020)

= A lower case "z" denotes a legitimate cancellation for Jimmy that week. That time is open and
available to you for an EXTRA lesson - or, as a "PRESAGE" OR MAKE-UP lesson if you've already canceled an appointment legitimately.

Appointment Cancellations:

Though "appoinments" can be cancelled with 24 hours notice,
REMEMBER, the lessons themselves CANNOT be skipped. Please read the full MFAMPA,
to review our 'stay-ahead' or "presage" policy.
(310) 999-9275 (310.9999.ASK) or e-mail -
with concerns/questions...

If you need my email: please text - 310-999-9275

Make Ups & Extra Lessons

lease read the full MFAMPA. "Presage", Make-up, extra, or 'stay-ahead' lessons are arranged at both our convenience and are
noted with (parenthesis) around your name to note that it is a temporary
time slot. Example:

Thu 8.30pm - z-Dion Sanders (Joe Montana.11/8/20)

= Joe is coming for Thursday only (the 8th of November) as either a
make up or an extra, or presage lesson. This lesson time will revert back to
Dion Sanders (who had logged a legitimate appointment cancellation) for
the following week, as it's "his" time.


Wed 8.30pm - ________(Mel Gibson 7/11/20)

= Mel is coming for that day only, as either a make up, or an extra presage lesson...
Mel doesn't need this time as his "regular" time...
This lesson time is actually an available lesson time! Call!!!
(310) 999-9275 (310.9999.ASK)

If you need my email: please text - 310-999-9275

If you see a lesson slot that would be perfect for either a make-up,
or an extra needed lesson, PLEASE CALL!! STAY ahead of the curve with our "presage' lesson system!
(310) 999-9275 (310.9999.ASK)

If you need my email: please text - 310-999-9275

Alternating Lessons

Lessons that alternate between students on an -every other week-
basis are noted with a slash /. In that case, the
active student of the week is marked with the current week's date...


Wed 7.30pm - Tommy Lee Jones 10/20/20 / Harrison Ford 10/13/20
Wed 8.00pm - Tommy Lee Jones 10/20/20 / Harrison Ford 10/13/20

= Say, you're looking at October, 2020 -

Harrison Ford, Oct. 13th, will be the "student of the week".
In this case Harrison would come in Wednesday (in this case for 1 hour) from 7:30 to 8:30pm.
Tommy Lee Jones would be "next" Wednesday, Oct. 20th's student... CHECK THE DATES!!!!

Now you know the basics, check the actual schedule by clicking on the
days of the week below. Please feel free to call if you're not sure
about something, ultimately we are here "in person" to help you with
your music instruction needs.

Again, the Policy page can answer many question too! (310) 999-9275 (310.9999.ASK) or e-mail -


If you need my email: please text - 310-999-9275

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TOP - Basics - mon - tue - wed - thu - fri - sat - sun

HOLIDAY Schedule

Please note: Music Focus™ Lesson classes will not meet on the following days:
do not disturb our regular lesson plan. We will be pro-active about re-scheduling or adding
(rehearsals may still be booked though...)


Jan. 1st, New Years Day

Memorial Day

4th of July

Labor Day


Dec. 24th (probably), Christmas Eve/day

Dec. 25th, Christmas Day

Dec. 31st (probably), New Years Eve/day

(Jan. 1st, the 'next' day/year, New Years Day, too, of course…)

Thank you!



Monday - Novemeber 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 -December 6, 13, 20, 27 - 2021

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Tuesday - Novemeber 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 - December 7, 14, 21, 28 - 2021

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Wednesday - December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 - 2021

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Thursday - December 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 - 2021

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Friday - Novemeber 5, 12, 19, 26 - December 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 - 2021

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Saturday - Novemeber 6, 13, 20, 27 - December 4, 11, 18, 25 - 2021

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Sunday - Novemeber 7, 14, 21, 28 - December 5, 12, 19, 26 - 2021

TOP - Basics - mon - tue - wed - thu - fri - sat - sun

Sunday Lessons by Special Appointment only!

For other regularly scheduled lesson days, see:

mon - tue - wed - thu - fri - sat

 Special Appointment only - thanks!

    Sun. 11.15.am. -
    Sun. 12.00.pm - (GChai[??])
    Sun. 1.45.pm. - CZ
    Sun. 3:00pm -
    Sun .4.15pm. -
    Sun .4.15.pm -
    Sun .5.00pm -

    8:00 - BiJe.jam.2/16[cnf]

(Havok.Campbell. (11/??/16[cnf])

MKeil (MK.3/8[cnf])


Cameron Summers.6/18) /


Zachary K.9/9[??]
Courtney Makela.starts.10/??[??]














Concepts of the day: - in 2016!

TOP - Basics - mon - tue - wed - thu - fri - sat - sun

I want you to be three things: fast, knowledgable, and have a GOOD sound...

After you KNOW the music, you must OWN it!


The "1's" (formerly; 'the rules of harmony')

Double "Blocks" in every form

Strings & Planes

"Upgrade" your talent!

Tell someone about your dreams...

Trust your future self...

Slow ramp of progress...

The 'Wheel" of Progress

Don't equate "volume" with "intensity"...

Can you honestly say, "I can do it this way, or that way, doesn't matter to me..."?

Don't forget to breath! You BODY may not seem to need
extra oxygen but your BRAIN does!!

There is so much more to "performing" than "perfection".

Practice makes PERMANENT!

"Broadcast" your intent. IE. Get your fingers ready where they're going to be needed as much as you possibly can.

Reinforce correctness

"Loosen" but don't "lose" your grip to help 'transitioning' positions, or, 'ride the rails' (this 'joins' with Strings & Planes)

Play SLOW enough so you know you'll play the part perfectly! Then gradually increase the speed. Use a metronome at least SOME of the time every time you practice.

You must EARN your SPEED!

Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes PERMANENT!.
So, do what it takes to practice PERFECTLY...
Never put your guitar down after a crappy note, make PEACE, then take your break...
"Get in touch..."

Letter to Parents & students - FAQ's

(frequently asked questions)

Basics - mon - tue - wed - thu - fri - sat - sun

Q: Any other stuff I need?

A strap - Get a basic nylon, with an "easy to adjust" plastic "buckle". Do Not start off

    with a fancy, leather, expensive strap. They're really difficult to adjust.


    Get a decent tuner (eventually). DO NOT get a $20 tuner. Wait and get a $50 tuner. I

    use the Sabine STX series tuner. They're pretty good.


    Get a decent metronome. Maybe a cheap one will work but try to avoid metronomes that

    "beep". You want a metronome that "clicks"! Ask to hear it (what a concept!).


    Have good strings put on your guitar. The strings that came with your guitar are

    not really very good. I call them place holders! You don't really know how good

    your guitar can sound unless you put decent strings on it.


    Have an extra set of stings available, preferably with the guitar. They break,

    are you ready for that? String changing tools are nice to have too.


    A music stand is nice...


    A guitar stand for home is even nicer.

    Anything else?

    A guitar case to transport your instrument, a 3 ring binder for your music sheets. A small kit of tools - peg winder, 0000 steel wool, guitar polish, a polish cloth, Phillips head screw driver, small slot head screw driver, needle nose pliers, extra sets of your appropriate strings, extra "singles" of "prone to break" strings (usually the "skinny" strings...), a "guitool" or hex wrench set, batteries for your tuner or metronome... Get a CD player or computer that can play CD's, maybe an iTunes account, an amp for electric guitars, headphones can plug into an amp for "private" practice. The list goes on, want more...? A small CD wallet for your training trax or favorite CD's. Electric guitar players can start acquiring some "stomp boxes" - volume pedal, digital delay, distortion, overdrive, Wah Wah, compressor. Some "all in one" units are ok, but they tend to be "noisy"!

    Why take lessons from a teacher, aren't there a lot of websites that can teach me?

    First is, a "real" teacher can interact with you very quickly. The time YOU spend is just as valuable as the money you spend, why waste it, especially if you're not sure of YOUR ability level? A good teacher can assess your level of understanding and tailor make a study plan for YOU. That's why at Music Focus™ we have MANY levels of instruction, from goldfish (the VERY easiest - mostly for little kid beginners) to junior versions all the way up to VERY challenging custom arrangements, not to mention 1,000's of "off the record" versions of songs. I'd always heard that you've really become a teacher if you have many versions, or arrangements, that service many different ability levels. All our arrangements are additive arrangements, that is, what you learn in a "goldfish" edition will carry you to the next "junior" versions which in turn takes you to the "off the record" edition. A good teacher can make the transitions to the "higher" levels seem painless. The next real reason to be wary of anything other than a real teacher, is veracity. I cannot tell you how many times I've had students bring in something printed out from a website that has "errors" if not TOTALLY wrong... I usually have to get out my red "teacher's pen" and start correcting this "document" only to realize that we probably shouldn't have wasted our time...

    My favorite song SOUNDS so easy, why is it so HARD to play?

    You're probably hearing a number of things... How well it was recorded belies how easy it is to actually play, more often than not. Of course you are hearing a "professional" play the song, that's why you like them. Sometimes songs that sound HARD are actually easier than you think as well

    What if I need to "take a break" from my lessons, how does that work?

    Sometimes, especially, with smaller kids it is a good idea to take a break from guitar, especially if it's getting to be a struggle practicing or if lessons seem too stressful. I know you want to come to your lessons prepared! If a break is in order, your "sig card" will be simply put in a little file I call the "dorm", ready and waiting for future use. Adults often need to take a break just because of work changes, school schedule "settling in" periods, etc. Same thing - your card gets put in the dorm. If you want to "keep" your time slot (say, during a trip to Europe...) you'll need to pay for the times I can't book. That might be all the lessons for that time period... I can't afford to keep your time slot idle. Check with us.

    How can I learn to sing AND play, I have a lot of trouble with that?

    I like to think that you can teach someone to sing, or you can teach someone to play. Teaching them to do both is a difficult proposition. I have many tips for people having trouble with this. One is to sing the same verse over and over, don't keep adding new verses! Another is to make SURE you are tapping your foot. Seems strange but that one unifier can really make a difference. Try this, play your guitar and tap your foot, then just sing and tap your foot. Not too bad right? Well, if you keep doing that eventually that foot tapping will "bind" the two "upper" event together. Trust is important here too.

    Why can't I play rap music?

    You CAN! It depends on if there was a guitarist in the original recording though. Some rap uses "samples" of actual guitar music. There was a Puff Daddy song not too long ago that used a Police song sample of "Every Breath You Take". Sometimes it's the "bassline" that is the cool thing. We can always play bass lines on guitar... They just sound "up and octave"!

    Is it OK for ME to choose my own songs, or should I let the teacher choose for me?

    Once again it is probably both choices. Your teacher needs to know your tastes in music are, for you to get the most out of your lessons. The Music Focus™ Songlist is a great way to start looking around the world of guitar oriented songs. From there, your teacher should be able to "gently challenge" you toward those tastes in music. However, that being said, one of the best things you can respond with when asked, "What would you like to learn today? - is - "Anything that makes me better!" That open minded attitude is golden for a any teacher to hear!

    One of my friends says I'm doing my song wrong, what's with that?

    Your friend probably does the song "differently". Remember, the guitar is loaded with duplicate ways of note production. I could show you no fewer than 7 different ways to play "Smoke On The Water". The friend just doesn't know how to express this fact correctly. Also, your particular way of comfortable fingering may be contrary to what his hand seems to naturally gravitate to. Now, remember this, and don't tell your friend that HE'S the one doing it "wrong"! If you both actually have different notes for the same song, you'll BOTH have to go back to the recording and settle the dispute that way. That, or consult your teachers, then the whole thing begins again! Teachers tend to do the SAME thing! The best way is to explore the various ways to produce the CORRECT music, come up with the most logical way for you to play it, and practice THAT.

    One of my friends says he's studying "guitar theory", what's THAT?

    Guitar theory is the study of how chords, notes and scales work on OUR instrument, the guitar. The terms - CAGED, fragments, unison, octave, chord forms, 5th, 3rd, triad... - are just a few that might be included within the study of "guitar theory".

Then, what's MUSIC theory?

Music theory is the study of what composers have DONE throughout the course of time. It is a vast and complex world. Essential for anyone undertaking serious songwriting. Mostly though, it is the study of ONE of the three elements of music (though a bit of "lip service" IS done the other two). - The three elements? - Melody, harmony and rhythm (sometimes they say a fourth is "color"...). Music theory is mostly the study of harmony - the way things align vertically. Scales, triads (chords), seventh chords (4 note chords), modes, voice leading, intervals, consonance and dissonance, degrees and altered degrees, standard notation, key signatures, and "cycles", all have their places in the Music Theory Classroom - but remember, in the beginning - Music theory is the study of what composers have DONE throughout the course of time. It is NOT what YOU have to do with YOUR music. It is a study.


If you need my email: please text - 310-999-9275



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